West Kazakhstan regional public organization "Association of Graduates of West Kazakhstan State University" is a self-governing voluntary association of graduates of West Kazakhstan State University, based on the membership and created to achieve cultural, educational, scientific, management and other goals and common interests. The Association provides assistance to graduates of WKSU, creating the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation between alumni and the University, and contributes to strengthening the position of the university in the education market.
The legal form of the Association - public organization
Association was established for an indefinite term. The Association operates on the territory of West Kazakhstan region, attracting members of their graduates living in different regions of Kazakhstan and abroad.

1. Aims:
The Association was established in order to:
- the creation of conditions for professional and cultural communication graduates;
- to create conditions for a more complete self-realization of the graduates, to promote their professional development;
- facilitate the implementation of the development strategy of WKSU by using the experience and capabilities of graduates in the implementation of educational, scientific, socio-economic and other projects;
- of WKSU assist in carrying out its mission by combining the efforts of alumni, students and staff of WKSU, strengthen the image, increasing corporate communications of WKSU;
- help solve social, cultural, educational, scientific problems of WKSU;
- information exchange between alumni and teachers of WKSU;
- promoting human rights and freedoms.

- to promote the preservation and development of the best traditions of the university;
- of WKSU assist graduates in establishing professional relationships with each other, to maintain links between members of the Association;
- to provide education, counseling and other services graduates;
- to develop programs and projects that meet the goals of the Association;
- to hold lectures and seminars, conferences, exhibitions, mass cultural, sporting and other events;
- to conduct an information database of graduates of WKSU;
- carries out surveys and study of public opinion;
- carries on business and economic activities necessary for the realization of the objectives of the Association;
- to participate in financing the development of material and technical base of WKSU;
-organizovyvat collection, processing of educational, scientific and cultural activities of the university;
- support the strengthening of interaction of WKSU commercial and non-profit organizations of the region.

3. Membership in organizations:
The Association sets individual, collective and honorary membership.
3.1.Individualnymi members of the Association may be individuals:
- of WKSU graduated and received a diploma of WKSU;
-okonchivshie magistracy, post-graduate or doctoral of WKSU;
-prepodayuschie in of WKSU;
-This of WKSU employees.
3.2. Collective members of the Association may be legal entities - public associations who share the goals of the Association and participated in its activities. Individual and collective members of the Association have equal rights and equal responsibilities.
3.3. Honorary members may be well-known representatives of science, culture, education, business, prominent public figures, statesmen and politicians. The right to prompt an honorary member of the Association submitted to the Board of the Association.
3.4.Priem the Association by submitting a personal statement of the Board of the Association of individuals or minutes of meetings, statements of legal entities - public associations.
3.5. A member may withdraw from the association on their own by filing a personal request to the Board of the Association.

4.1.Chleny Association have the right:
- to participate in management of the affairs and activities of all its organs, in all events held by the Association or with its participation, as well as in the implementation of projects and programs of the Association;
- to nominate, elect and be elected, and the team members to elect and nominate their representatives in all Bodies of the Association;
- to discuss any issues of activities of the Association and make proposals to improve its work;
- to use the established procedure owned or leased by the Association property, buildings, equipment, means of transportation, communication, and data banks etc .;
- to use the services of the Association on favorable terms;
- receive information about the activities of the Association and its bodies;
- to transfer the ownership of the Association belong to its legitimate property;
- to speak on behalf of the Association and to represent its interests on behalf of the Association, Chairman of the Association or a decision of all the members of the Association
- elected and approved by the members of the Association have the right to convene an extraordinary meeting;
- monitor the activities of the governing and executive bodies of the Association accordance with the statute;
- at its discretion withdraw from the Association;
- bill was discussed any matter relating to their rights and obligations.
4.2. Members of the Association are obliged to:
- implement and comply with the provisions of paragraphs Association;
- actively participate in the work of bodies to which they were elected;
- to implement the decisions of the governing bodies of the Association, to coordinate their actions with the leadership of the Association, speaking on behalf of and representing their interests;
- not to commit acts that cause material and moral damages Association;
- liable for transmitting and entrusted them to the tangible property of the Association in the manner and amount established zakonondatelstvom RK < br /> - to fulfill other obligations arising from this situation.

5. The structure, leadership, executive and supervisory bodies of the Association:
- the governing bodies of the Association are the Assembly, the Chairman of the Association, the Board of the Association;
- the highest governing body is the assembly of members of the Association, convened by the Board of the Association, as appropriate, at least 1 time in year. An extraordinary meeting may be convened on the initiative of the Board of the Association, or 20% of the members of the Association.
The meeting has a quorum if it is attended by more than half the members of the Association (or their representatives).

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