The Ministry of Education and Science of the West Kazakhstan State University

Professional practice the rules of the organization

This rules the West Kazakhstan State University students for professional practice of the organization, procedure, and the results of the report, its content and to prepare a report on the types of practice requirements.
directly related to the organization and conduct of the practice rules for all departments of the university have written.

1. Scope
2. References
3. 4 Abbreviations and definitions
. General
5. Differential
6. Pedagogical practice
7. Industrial practice
8 graduation practice
9. Practical outcomes and reporting forms
10. Information about the completion of the documents to the students of the teaching profession, practice

1. Scope
professional practice 5.03.005-2009 rules on the organization of state education "of the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Professional practice. The basic rules "of the organization in accordance with the practice and establish uniform requirements.
The work of the university faculties and departments, the provisions of this regulation in the course of internal and external evaluation.

2. References
This rule applies to the following links to regulatory documents:
2.1 "Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on July 27, 2007, Law No. 319-III;
2.2 02.06 2007, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan . Approved by Resolution No. 452 "Rules of the licensing of educational activities";
2.3 on March 2, 2005, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by Resolution No. 195 "higher education programs implementing the provisions of the typical business activity";
2.4 SES 5.04 .019-2008 "compulsory education standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Higher Education. Bachelor's degree. Terms and Conditions ", the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by Order No. 26 of January 23, 2008;
2.6 on November 22, 2007 the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the decree №566" Credit Rules of the organization of educational technology in the educational process ".
2.7 of the SES 5.03.005-2009" Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Professional practice. The basic rules 2009.09.01

3. Abbreviations and definitions
3.1 The following abbreviations are used in this regulation:

Ministry of Education and Science

cation of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan


State Compulsory Education Standards


West Kazakhstan State University


Teaching Staff


practical, career and marketing department


Educational Department


The selected program is one academic year is calculated on the average price level of educational achievements

4. General provisions
4.1 The purpose of these rules is to regulate the organization of the professional practice of students at the university.
4.2 students for professional differential WKSU an integral part of the educational process, as well as measures aimed at training high-quality system of bachelors .
4.3 Professional practical training at the university in the process of approval of the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and the development of a good education, as well as the development of best practices.
4.4 Training of the state in the process of compulsory education is organized in accordance with the standards of professional practice : academic, educational, industrial, and received a diploma, etc.
4.5 to the practice of the professional practice of the department responsible for setting up databases of enterprises and institutions, the rest of the practice period of two months before the start of the school year, the contract with the department of marketing and career to make proposals.
4.6, approved by the Ministry of Education of the University "Professional saramannañ model contract" in the form of a contract in accordance with the practical bases. (1)
4.7, which will be held outside the university practice issued by order of the rector of the university students. This practical terms, the base and the head.
4.8 practice management as a profession and well-versed in the practice of the base of the specifics of professors, associate professors, experienced teachers are assigned.
4.9 Head of practice prepares students to practice, to hold consultations in accordance with the program of practical, diaries and gives practical guidelines for the assessment of students trained in the practice of monitoring the progress report of the checks written opinion about the past practice of the department, a report on the practical protection.
trained professional practice Burleigh before going on a trip to practice in order to confirm the time and place of registration shall be the place of practice.
4.10 practical information on the forms and the deadline for submission of the report to the student of the academic year (semester) at the beginning.
4.11 students during practical tasks:
- practical implementation of the program, designated version of practice diaries;
practice and internal rules of the base;
labor protection, safety and strict compliance with the provisions of the industrial hygiene;
- part of the current work on behalf of the department;
version filled with documents maşıqkerdiñ practice leader.

5. Differential
5.1 to introduce differential types of training, technology, clinical, etc. refers to the practice. Saramanınıñ university or department.
5.2 The purpose of the study saramanınıñ the activities of the university students to read professions education programs, professional activities, functions and objectives of the trial.
5.3 saramanınıñ training bases: University training workshops, laboratories, educational facilities, hospitals, and other units of the university, as well as the future of the profession in accordance with the professional service organizations. If academic institutions outside the university in the differential case, a contract must be carried out.
5.4 saramanınıñ training will be organized in groups of no more than 30 people. Dangerous occupations connected with the group will be divided into subgroups.
5.5 differential of 1-3 students training courses and curriculum will be organized according to the academic calendar.
5.6 saramanınıñ training is mainly observed 2-3 weeks.

6. Pedagogical practice
6.1 SOS on the teaching profession practice qarastırılğan.Saraman period specified in the academic calendar.
6.2 provides practical teaching of basic and specialized courses or training after the end of the cycle will be organized after the end of the theoretical course.
6.3 The purpose of teaching practice:
- general, cultural, psychological, pedagogical and methodological base or deepening and consolidation of knowledge in core subjects;
- on the basis of theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills and abilities and competence.
6.4, didactic teaching practice common methods to combine the academic and psycho-pedagogical training.
6.5 pedagogical practice training program prepared and approved by the dean of the faculty of the department.
6.6 pedagogical practice of students käsiptik- should be directed to the development of important skills and core competencies:
- the main components of the process of training and education planning, forecasting and analysis;
The purpose of the training tools and methods used in teaching and to determine the degree of compliance issues;
students educational, labor, social, environmental, health care, entertainment and other kinds of activities for the implementation of a variety of forms and methods of use;
- taking into account the peculiarities of their own work with students;
diagnosis of the state of the teaching process and teaching;
- students, teachers, and the assessment of the results of their actions.
6.7 pedagogical practice allowed students who have academic debts. Only when it is relevant to the practical side of the subject to be passed students can practice.
6.8 pedagogical practice base of general secondary education, primary education, secondary vocational education institutions.
6.9 SES specialty practice, the duration and the number of teachers identified with.

7. Industrial practice
7.1 are all in full-time education in the field of industrial practice, their duration, and in the form of a loan eñbeksïımdılığı SES-defined curriculum and specialties.
7.2 The end of the production cycle is practical majors or theoretical training will be organized after the end of the course.
7.3 Industrial practice aimed at developing students' understanding of the chosen profession and to master practical skills.
7.4 Industrial practical purpose:
deepening and consolidation of theoretical knowledge of professional practice skills;
learn practical skills and management problems;
- to know the features of a professional production;
goals, professional activity problems identify and develop their production skills to solve the case.
7.5 Industrial practical tasks - University of theoretical knowledge acquired in the course of professional disciplines to deepen the approval of the specific conditions of production and ordering, as well as the first practical experience.
7.6 Production during practice the skills of the students practical skills and knowledge in their chosen profession forms.
7.7 during the production practice of professional practice based on the earlier stages of education and skills. As a result, the profession will ensure the preservation of continuity in the development of practical skills.
7.8 Industrial practice independently.
7.9 Production students to practice practical, career and marketing department agreed to the institutions. Teaching students not able to go to the city memekemelerden a letter of demand to the practice of the institution.
7.10 in the production of specialty practice provided in the curriculum. The term of full-time students practice academic calendar.
7.11 part-time students to work in the profession are exempt from industrial practice. In this case, the university students will lead to recommendations set out in the place of work and professional service.
Are working part-time students in the production of specialty practice, approved by the order and agreed with the dean's office of the university.
7.12 Industrial develops practical departments and it is approved by the dean's office. Each of the new academic year, the program has introduced changes and innovations.
7.13 manufacturing practice and the requirements for its content and SES faculty teaching profession by the Commission shall be determined in practice.
7.14 Production of students' practical work on the future of professional, scientific and industrial laboratories, organizations and enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, owned by the various scientific research and design institutions is carried out.
7.15 Industrial practice and the responsibility of the manufacturer to take the lead in the organization of the department is assigned to.
7.16 Industrial producer on the practical organization of the department functions:
practice, career and specialties prepared by the marketing department of information about the companies and institutions working in the profession;
The appointment of the head of the university;
- practical, career and marketing activities for the students to practice writing section;
practical task;
- accounting and monitoring of industrial practice.
7.17 in the planning and organization of practice practical career and the responsibility of the marketing department of the university in charge of (enterprise, institutions; manufacturing practice specific to institutions and organizations in the preparation of the contract; prepare students to practice in a timely manner;)
7.18 Industrial practice before leaving the students:
practical type, timing, establishment (organization) ticket;
- Diary of production practice;
practice and guidelines;
- provided guidance on the requirements for maşıqkerge.
7.19 to the practical content of the main sections of the report and program requirements, graphic and visual materials must be.

8 graduation practice
8.1 graduation practice a profession full-time students and SES of the work in terms of (the project) is to prepare.
8.2 Individual got a degree in the field of practical goals, objectives, content and timing of the production would be consistent with the practice.
8.3 graduation practice leader of the diploma work (project) is the leader.
8.4 graduation practice is determined by the duration of the planned academic hours or credits in the curriculum.
8.5 graduation of students in practical activities related to the future of professional services departments of the university, scientific and industrial laboratories, various enterprises and institutions in the agricultural sector, carried out research and design institutions of different ownership forms.
8.6 The purpose of the practice:
- approval of the theoretical knowledge in the field of professional disciplines;
- practical skills and experience in the field;
diploma work (project) for organizing and assembling the necessary materials.
The 8.7 release for graduation practice of the department to:
practice, career and marketing specialties prepared by the department of information about the companies and institutions working in the profession;
The appointment of the head of the university;
practical task;
undergraduate accounting practice and monitor the process of transition.
8.8 of the practical content of the diploma thesis (project) is determined by the theme.
8.9 Diploma Bachelor program of practical training in the final phase of the work (project) should be required to perform high-quality questions.
8.10 at graduation practice in accordance with the corresponding practical knowledge base of documentary materials and professional degree ( project) collect information on the subject. Practical results of the degree work (project) shall be used to perform properly.
8.11 Requirements for graduation practice and its content and SES faculty teaching profession by the Commission established practice.
8.12 Diploma assigned to the practical organization of the department and the responsibility of the manufacturer to take the lead.
8.13 graduation practice independently.
8.14 students to report on the practice of the department, the professional knowledge, skills, abilities, skills and deep knowledge of the individual tasks, the proposal to add a special chapter

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