I 44 secondary schools between September 19 and December 10, pedagogical practice. 8 of this school "B" class of Kazakh language and Kazakh literature teaching and worked as the head of the class. Educational getting acquainted with the plans of the head of the class and is subject muğalimimmen close relationship with the school tried to intervene in the events. 19 Kazakh language lessons, taught 20 Kazakh literature. A total of 39 classes. Examined the preliminary plan of the lessons, I sat down and put it out. Kazakh language "The members of a single word," "The Naked and the flood of sentences" Lessons reaches its goal, the training was successful. This new title in the training, the traditions of the Kazakh national astastıra with the participation of almost all classes of students tried to assess the track. Literature on the subject Mahambet Utemisuly "oil," Abay "Abdirahman death", the NUS Kudaiberdieva "Kalkaman May" in the training of students interested in the activity of the training was very good. To teach the students in the development of a creative point of view, the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, each teacher taught to work together responsibly. For training, interesting visual aids, interactive whiteboard, the cross section of the paper, used-level tasks. Each additional classes and increase students' interest in the discipline. For each of the semantic map, and was summarized by the work of independent tests.
Kazakh language organized the week of 20.09.2011 ozdırılğan "language implied that while" , 21.09.11 organized Akmarzhan Tawbaevamen meeting will take part in the evening, sang, added contribution. Language Week "claims the horse riding" (evening classes for talented students aged 5-8) in the final event was organized by the driver. The level of late, teachers and students felt gratitude. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of independence, "Twenty-star" events organized students participated in sınıbımmen.
Educational class hours spent on the case. Each educational content that is interesting and full of news value in trying to make.
Each and class mentor teachers work practices, pay attention to the advice, I sat down to discuss. This practice taught me to give a great contribution to the development of a good teacher in the future.


8 "B" class

Tabanïyaz a veteran of the war with Tabyldiev

Class activists

White breeze Ural poet Akmarzhan Tawbaevamen

Chingiz Aitmatov "White Ship" went to the staging point

On December 1, the day of the fight against AIDS

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