The content of the portfolio of the student - trainee
of I. Information section to prepare for practice
•       Cover Sheet (Photo student name, date of birth, address, telephone, university, faculty, department, group, Methodist, date)
•       Diagnostics in preparation for practice (Evaluation and self-esteem)
•       Individual students plan
II. Information section (information on the basis of practice)
•       Information about the school
•       class information
•       timetable
•       Plan of the class teacher and predmetnika
III. Methodological section
•       Samples for the introduction of documentation
•       schedules on the subject and educational activities
•       Plan synopsis (didactic materials with visual aids):
a.   lessons
b.   Summary of the event (on the subject, extracurricular activities)
ІҮ. Psycho - Pedagogical Section
•       Feature learner
•       Characteristics of a class
•       The program of psychological research and correction
Y. Reflection and evaluation
Analysis lesson:
•       lessons, visited student
•       introspection his lesson
•       Analysis of the lesson, students (classmates, trainers)
•       a report on the practice
•       monitoring the behavior of the student during practice
•       Review classmates and teachers
•       Portfolio assessment
ҮІ. Section summarizing and evaluation
•       characteristic of the student
•       A copy of the school teachers' meeting
•       statement of the final assessment of practice.
•       certificates, diplomas, etc.
•       a certificate of practical training


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