The international consortium "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating" (KPO), developing one of the world's largest oil and gas fields - Karachaganak. The company is headquartered in Uralsk West Kazakhstan region. KPO General Director - Edvin Blom.

 If you are senior students, now is the time to join the team of professionals in KPO. In accordance with the program of industrial practice for students, we invite you to pass it to the PAC. Practical training, lasting from one to two months, will allow you to get in this time of real practical experience in your field.

 During practice you will be working in one of the departments of the company next to the experienced staff. Practical training will give you the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and experience and will help improve your professional skills needed for further career growth.

Below you can find information about the process of passing a student production practices in KPO.

• Practical training in PAC will allow you to get hands-on experience. Practice will be held in one of the departments of the company.

• Students of universities of Kazakhstan - Kazakh citizens, 18 years or older can be admitted to the practical training in accordance with the established procedure KPO.

• The duration of practical training for students of the last two years of training - one month, but in the pre-diploma practice period may be extended by another month if the theme of the thesis is related to the Karachaganak project.

• KPO will consider candidates with an average rating of not less than four (4) points for the entire period of study.

• KPO reserves the right to select the best students on the results of their studies and interviews.

• The number of places is determined by function in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments of KPO.

• For any questions regarding the practice of passing students in KPO students should contact the Department of practice, career and marketing.


The list of specialties

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