How to increase the effectiveness of visits "Career Day»
How to prepare for a visit "Career Day»?

1. Pre-define their objectives, make a rough plan of action.
2. Find out who is taking part in the event. This can be done by asking the organizers by email or telephone. Typically, such information is always there on the website of the organizer.
3. Gather information on employers participating, note the questions that you have. Even if you are interested in companies today is no job for you, it may appear later.
4. Make a summary of those positions that interest you. Make as many copies. Even if today the company does not have a job, you can get into the personnel reserve, leaving your resume.
5. Write down the time and place of the event. If the visit is not centralized, it is better not come to the top, but closer to the middle of the event, when there will be fewer visitors.
6. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your education, work experience, fill out a questionnaire and undergo testing.
7. Tune in a positive way. It is unlikely that someone like the applicant with a bored, indifferent or contemptuous expression.
8. Find out whether the master classes, workshops and mini-games business, which is being pre-recorded. Plan their visit.
9. On the Career Day behave confidently, do not hesitate to ask questions. Please fill in the questionnaire offered to you, do not give up information material.

How to behave in the "Career Day»?
1. Having come to the fair, get acquainted with the layout of the stands of participating companies. Determine where you are interested employers.
2. Remember that there is such a thing as talent pool. Give your resume. If you have no job, ask if you can fill in a questionnaire. Many employers they are.
3. Ask your questions recruiters. This will help you prepare for the interview.
4. Learn about the requirements that employers make on young professionals. Think about how you meet them.
5. Note the large companies. Try to learn about them as much as possible. Try to remember you, because in the future they may appear you are interested in the vacancy.
6. Visit the company presentations. They will help you learn more about the company and its corporate culture. This information is not only useful in the interview, but also help determine the choice.
7. Do not miss the workshops and master classes, which are usually carried out at events such employers. This will allow you to acquire specific skills and prove themselves.
8. Be active, polite and friendly. Do not waste your time. Try to get as much information.
Remember, success depends on your attitude and your actions!

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