Summary and its role in the effective employment

The first meeting of a job seeker, the employer is held, as a rule, in absentia, by a summary. Properly written resume must meet a number of requirements. In this case, it guarantees successful employment and becomes the next stage of career.
The title resume is filled when the focus is on competition of a certain position and the request shall be supported by the knowledge and abilities.
Professionals working in the labor market is considered the most versatile resume the following structure:

1. Title - the surname, name and patronymic of the candidate. Usually located at the top of the page in the middle. The word "resume", "characteristic" and other names are not written in the header.

2. basic personal data - date of birth, address, phone number, family status. Usually located in the upper left corner under the title and printed in a smaller (10-11) type.

3. The goal of treatment - what kind of work, in what capacity and on what conditions the candidate claims (2-3 lines, but no more than 6).

4. Education - the date of admission and graduation, the name of the institution received specialty and qualifications. You can report the awards underline the subjects studied that correspond to objectives of the applicant, participation in scientific research. Is presented in reverse chronological order, ie, from the last place of study.

5. Experience - date of hiring and firing, names of organizations, positions, functions and professional achievements. This is the main part of the job, however, disproportionate detailed presentation of these data is not desired. Experience usually sets in reverse chronological order.

6. More information - of the additional knowledge and skills that are relevant to this work, the important biographical facts and personal qualities:

- knowledge of foreign languages ​​("free", "perfection", "read and translate with a dictionary");
- possession of computer skills (preferably with an indication of applied computer tools);
- driving license and driving experience;
- membership in professional associations or parties;
- information about public activities;
- information about military service and military ranks;
- a serious drag on leisure related to this work and successes achieved; an indication of the willingness to work overtime, long and distant trips, change of residence; information about best practices;
- the personal qualities and characteristics, such as "accurate", "hardworking", "honest", or really important, such as "highly interested", "committed to the company," "energetic and purposeful," "demanding themselves and others "," leadership qualities. " This item is in the "More Information" stand out better. For example, write a section called "personal characteristics", and the right to the text itself.

7. Date of the CV - dating resume increases the accuracy of the interest in this work, the old data may indicate that the candidate has long and unsuccessfully looking for work.

should not be in the summary indicate gender, number of family members, and list them.

The style of writing resume must meet the following conditions:

brevity - no unnecessary words, long incomprehensible acronyms and terms;
specificity - no inaccurate or unnecessary information that has no direct relationship to the job;
focus - the presentation of key data confirming the right to apply for the post;
integrity - the absence of false information. Remember that everything can be verified;
activity (use active verbs that show activity). For example, if you have only a basic knowledge of accounting, as they are required for the position, it is necessary to write "know the basics of accounting and auditing." Never write "was", "assisted" because This suggests that you stood aloof and occasionally provided one-time services;
selectivity (do not assume that the more disparate information given, the better; select information based on objective summary);
resume can be sent to the organization by mail, by fax, by e-mail, but candidates often bring a resume to the interview immediately and ask him to read to talk.
Summary in English (or any language) is compiled only if you are applying for a position in a foreign company. The Russian firm or recruitment agency should be addressed separately in Russian. The exception may be a summary of experts, whose knowledge of the language is one of the selection criteria. But in this case it is better to duplicate a resume and provide a copy in Russian. Thus, you will be able to simultaneously demonstrate and language skills, and respect for the person to whom your resume gets.
Keep in mind that good resume can help you get an invitation to an interview, ie a private meeting with the employer or his representative and not work! Therefore, your goal - to get to reading your resume want to meet with you in person.
Often accompanied by a summary presentation of the letter, especially if the resume is sent by mail, fax or E-mail. The main purpose of a cover letter - the employer's interest in reading the resume and explain why the candidate refers to that person, what benefits it can bring the organization and ask it to take the interview. It is recommended that such letters are printed and maintain a personal signature.
The letter should begin with a greeting to the man with whom I would like to meet bidder, who can depend on a decision for a job, or to someone who will actually lead the novice to start stage. It is therefore necessary to clarify, in whose name the email should be sent.
In a cover letter can show their awareness of the organization, its activities and achievements, successful projects, etc. Such information can be found in the business sections of local newspapers in many industry journals. If the letter is written in response to an advertisement in the press, and this indicates the reason.
In the main part of the letter is usually a brief job description of the applicant, with reference to the attached letter to the resume, which should expand the representation of employers about the applicant, and to induce him to meet him .
In the final part of the letter bidder usually asks for a meeting to interview, indicating the time interval in which it would be desirable to meet, said that he would call for clarification Secretary. The letter ends with a standard phrase: "Sincerely," "With hope for cooperation" and the like, three or four lines below should be signed and then - name, initials, and finally the address and telephone number of the writer.

The requirements to the content of the letter:

accuracy and clarity presentation of ideas, short words, short sentences, short paragraphs;
Maximum text to understand, use simple phrases, precisely and unambiguously express the essence;
brevity - conciseness, lack of superfluous words and empty phrases;
literacy - compliance with the rules of grammar and spelling, as well as the requirements of business etiquette;
correct - Business and polite style of presentation, does not exclude the vividness of imagery and language, leaving a good impression of the person.

Some errors in the resume:

mismatch employment history, education and experience of the applicant to the objective requirements of the post, or exposed to the employer;
too short resume - it is unclear whether the author has nothing to say about himself, he - "gray mouse";
demonstration of frequent change of jobs with no explanation of objective reasons;
lack of guidance on professional development;
indication of a number of different training courses and seminars;
too detailed summary comprising a plurality of unnecessary information, and lyrical digressions or display inappropriate humor.
A well crafted resume - your assistant in search of decent work, it is recommended to constantly develop their own ability to make a resume. However, the summary - this is just a document, it will not replace the richness of your personality, and therefore, need to learn effective self-presentation during the interview and the interview.

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